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Welcome to the Blog for PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography, & Related Techniques!

I started this blog so that I can share news, events, thoughts, opinions, and other things I think would be of interest to you who share my own interest in using photos during therapy (PhotoTherapy) — or as therapeutic (healing) activities (Therapeutic Photography), including Social Action or Participatory Photographic Projects having the goal of creating positive social change in communities, countries, or the world in general, and thus improving well-being and reducing social exclusion…

I also intend to include the similar framework about the related techniques of Photo-Art-Therapy, VideoTherapy, Therapeutic Film-making, and other topics, people, projects, and websites of interest.

These will be shared here in longer form — and most will also be shared to the Facebook Group for “PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography, Photo Art Therapy, and VideoTherapy.” This Group has over 3,500 members who actively discuss and frequently share their own information (websites they find, thoughts about previous postings, information about their own practices or interests) there — while my blog is more about my own personal thoughts and opinions, some of which will not be appropriate for Facebook postings. I encourage you to join the Facebook Group and follow the blog!

If you’d like to contribute a blog post, please click here to submit your post for consideration.


  1. Fernando

    Hi Judy

    Great Job, I´M buying your book but I need more information in Spanish my Inglish is not good.
    I observe somo conseleurs working only on the north (Europe, Canada, USA, australia ) What´s happening in Latin America ?

    Me apreciate your atention.

    • Hello Fernando, and thanks for your kind comments about my website!
      and I am curious to know: where do you live??

      I am happy you are buying my book, and you will be glad to know that I am starting to discuss a Spanish translation of it, which I hope to arrange soon.

      To answer your question, I only can share information about people who I am aware of — and so any time I learn of new people using these techniques I do always add them to my website’s “Who is Doing What, Where” page (listing their country also — so that people can do a “page search” to find out who is living in what location.)
      BUT… I cannot add people that I am not aware of — so if YOU know of others, please send me some information about them and I will add them; send to me directly, at:

      AND… another way to find out about people in Latin America is for you to join my Facebook Group for “PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography, Photo Art Therapy, and VideoTherapy”—
      It has nearly 5,000 members — and the discussions (about using photos during therapy, or as photo-based therapeutic/healing activities for creating positive changes) are always very interesting and lively!

      You can find it at:

      After you join, you can ask this question to the members of our Group — and I know there are several members in Latin American countries, who would probably respond to you.

      Lastly, your English is FINE — it does not need to be perfect and I understand you very easily.

      Thank you again for your comment,

      Judy Weiser

  2. Jack Winter

    Hello, my name is Jack winter and I am doing a project on Phototherapy and would really appreciate it if you could answer the following questions for me?

    In your experience, how has phototherapy helped people?
    How does phototherapy help people with mental illnesses?
    What are the best techniques used within Phototherapy?
    When and how successful was the first Phototherapy session?
    Is Phototherapy only used for mental illness or is it used for other reasons?

    Thank you for your help.

  3. This is great! I was told that no idea is original but I’m still shocked. I was just thinking how great I feel after taking pictures. I am a part time therapist who enjoys cigars, cars, making homemade wine, and taking pictures for “me time”. I wondered if google knew anything about “photo therapy” and I found this blog. I like to read more about this interesting topic when I have more time. Thanks Angel

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