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Judy Weiser is a Psychologist, Art Therapist, Consultant, Educator, Trainer, University Adjunct Faculty, International Lecturer, and Author — and one of the earliest pioneers of PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography, Photo-Art-Therapy, VideoTherapy, and other related techniques. Founder and Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre in Vancouver, Canada, she is considered the world authority on the emotional significance of personal photographs. For a list of her publications, most of which can be downloaded for free, see below or click here.


Having spent over 25 years using her PhotoTherapy techniques in private practice as a therapist (primarily with marginalized and socially-excluded clients), she has spent the past 20 years consulting, lecturing, teaching (workshops and academic courses), and conducting training intensives about her techniques, all over the world. Listed in the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, she maintains professional registration credentials in both Psychology and Art Therapy, in both the U.S. and Canada.

Judy has given over 300 Workshops, Trainings, Conference Keynotes, and Lecture Presentations in over 50 cities world-wide during the past three decades (including being invited to teach for Programs in Italy, Russia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Korea, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, England, Scotland, USA, and Canada during the past few years) — teaching mental health professionals how to use PhotoTherapy, Photo-Art-Therapy, and VideoTherapy techniques to improve their therapy and counseling work with clients. More information about Weiser’s past events coming soon.  

She has also long taught non-therapists how to use the related techniques of Therapeutic Photography and Therapeutic Film-Making (intentional photo-based activities for improving individual and community well-being, reducing social exclusion, and resulting in positive changes in people and or communities — as well as methods [and ethical considerations] for using participants’ photographs in qualitative participant- or community-based research).

Judy also teaches the 6-day Intensive Training in Judy Weiser’s PhotoTherapy Techniques Certificate Program annually in Canada and occasionally also in Italy — is currently preparing a “package” of Online Courses about all these Techniques — and hopes to soon find the time to organize and catalogue her sizeable Archive in these subjects so that it can be donated to an appropriate repository for continued no-cost use into the future.


She created and maintains the Facebook Group PhotoTherapy, Therapeutic Photography, Photo Art Therapy, and VideoTherapy that has over 7,000 members and growing daily).

Judy authored the classic text PhotoTherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums (now in 3rd printing and with Italian, Korean, and Russian translations), as well as dozens of professional journal articles and book chapters about PhotoTherapy and related techniques (some of which have been translated into Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, and German). Click here to download a complete list of Judy Weiser’s professional publications — contains links for downloading these, as well as the “Preface”, the “Foreword to the Second Edition”, and the first Chapter of her book (pp. 1-12), all for no cost.

Judy and her work have been featured in many popular-media publications and she has also discussed and demonstrated her techniques in a variety of radio and television interviews in several countries. Click here to download a list of public media publications by and about Weiser and her work (contains links for downloading these).

Invited Positions

Past Invited Editor of the journal Phototherapy, and currently Invited Mentor for the Network Italiano Fototerapia (“NetFo“) — as well as Invited Adjunct Faculty of Adler University in Vancouver —  Canada, Judy has also been appointed to the Editorial Board for both the Italian Journal PsicoArt: Rivista on line di arte e psicologia (PsychoArt: Online Journal of Art and Psychology) and the Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal.  She is also an elected member of both the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars and the American Family Therapy Academy.



Judy also serves as International Consultant to the Center for Visual Therapies in the U.S., the Institute for Psychology and Photography in Mexico, PSYFoto/PSYForte in Russia, and VideoReport (of LaDamaSognatrice Produzioni Audiovisive) in Italy — and has also been an occasional Instructor for both the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute.

She continues to accept contracts to provide both education and training in the use of PhotoTherapy, Photo-Art-Therapy, Therapeutic Photography, and VideoTherapy techniques in therapy, counselling, and related well-being and healing practices — independently, as well as by contract for agencies, treatment programs, educational institutions, rehabilitation facilities, well-being programs, professional associations, organizations, hospitals, etc. She also conducts privately-arranged individualized training — and enjoys sharing these techniques with businesses, the public and the media.

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