PhotoTherapy & Therapeutic Photography Archives

The PhotoTherapy Centre opened in 1982 in Vancouver, Canada and has served as the worldwide resource base for the fields of PhotoTherapy and Therapeutic Photography for over 30 years. The Centre’s Library holds a collection of several hundred PhotoTherapy and Therapeutic Photography articles, manuscripts, photographs, videotapes, and books — as well as dozens of Student Theses and Dissertations — along with numerous photo-based creations made by clients or trainees, videotapes of “live” client or training sessions which have been released for viewing, along with other photographic and video material about PhotoTherapy and Therapeutic Photography information, events, and related resources in general.

The Centre also contains many original photographs and videos taken of and by some of the earliest pioneers of PhotoTherapy, a selection of writings and original photographs by many people working in Therapeutic Photography and related fields — as well as materials collected from all past PhotoTherapy conferences and all back issues of the journal PhotoTherapy.

In 2012, the location of the Centre moved to Weiser’s private office, but all of the resources remain available to be accessed (by appointment only). Learn about the history of the PhotoTherapy Centre.

Preserving The Archives

Judy Weiser is currently working to organize, catalogue, and digitize the PhotoTherapy Archives to allow easier public access to its wealth of history and information on an ongoing basis into the future, and at no cost to users.

Plans are currently underway for the formation of a Charitable Foundation which will be able to receive donations for making this possible, and which will be tax-deductible — as well as a crowdfunding campaign — both to begin in early 2015. Please contact her if you have any relevant information, material, or funds to contribute.

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